SAFE: Violence Prevention Skills for Women, GLBTQ­ People, and Youth

Lynne Marie Wanamaker is a nationally recognized expert in self-defense and primary prevention of interpersonal violence. She is certified in the Empowerment Model of self defense developed by the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation and co-authored the professional Core Competencies for NWMAF-certified instructors.
Lynne Marie offers self defense for adult and teen women and GLBTQ people, college-bound women and transgender, gender non-conforming and nonbinary youth, and parent/child groups. She also delivers custom classes for workplaces, communities and organizations. 
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Self Defense Philosophy

Lynne Marie’s teaching begins with the Self Defense Paradox: There is one person responsible for any act of interpersonal violence—the Perpetrator. There is nothing any one of us could do or be that makes us deserve to be assaulted. And, in a violent world, there are steps we can take to increase our own safety. 
Lynne Marie is committed to maintaining a trauma-aware classroom. She assumes that any group of students will include people who have experienced or witnessed violence and follows best practices for survivor-centered, trauma-aware group work. 
Lynne Marie is especially interested in how we can transmit violence-prevention skills to our children in developmentally-appropriate ways across the lifespan. For more information about teaching self-defense in the family environment, visit Lynne Marie’s blog or explore her publications